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Spine and Joint care programme
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Spine and joint care is one of the most commonly heard request from people in todays day and age. The most obvious reason is our obsession with different gadgets. Phones and laptops often make us position ourselves in uncomfortably while looking at the screen. So people who spend more time in a sitting position are more prone to complaints like Cervical Spondylitis.

Our spine care programme is a well planned care which includes special treatments for ailments like low back ache, spondylitis, slip disc, sciatica etc and joint care ailments like Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, sports injuries, bursitis, muscular spasms, sore muscles and ligaments and much more. Treatments like Patra Potali Swedam, Choorna Pinda Swedam, Valuka Swedam, Greeva Vasthi, Kadi Vasthi, Mathra Vasthi, Virechanam and many more therapies can be adviced according to the condition and prakriti of the patient. Ayurveda in combination with Yoga and other mild physical exercises can help treat this painful and debilitating illness. A healthy diet along with Ayurveda and Yoga can indeed give you relief from this painful ailment. BENEFITS: Relieves pain and inflammation Rejuvenates and strengthens soft tissues and muscles • Improves blood circulation • Imparts mobility to joints • Nourishes the joints

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