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Karkidaka chikitsa is a tradition that has been in practice since several centuries, in kerala. It’s a fabulous healing strategy to exploit times of physical, mental and spiritual challenge, to achieve healing and prolonged well being.

In Kerala, as per the Malayalam calendar, Karkidakam is the last month which falls during July or August. As this is the period of monsoon season which as per Ayurveda aggravates the Doshas and hence leads to many illnesses and health issues. The human body becomes more prone to diseases and it becomes important to follow health precautions in the rainy season. Karkidaka is considered a challenging month when it comes to physical, mental and spiritual health. Monsoon is the time when tridoshas undergo vitiation and needs to be expelled out of the body. Due to the imbalanced doshas and sudden change in the atmosphere many diseases like fever, cold, cough, digestive ailments and inflammatory conditions set in. All these will hamper the immune system which affects the general health of an individual. All treatments including panchakarma (detoxification procedures) will be adviced. Benefits: • Detoxifies the body • Boost immunity • Rejuvenates the body as well as mind • Alleviates current illnesses and diseases. • Prevents any further illness

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