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Experience - Your Stay
Welcome to our sanctuary where wellness is a way of life

You will find our ayurveda treatment experience very different from an ayurveda resort or from an ayurveda hospital. We are offering a very unique opportunity for you to be amidst nature and totally relax whilst we look after you using the knowledge of century old vedic traditions and mindfulness practices. You will arrive to a completely natural environment with no man-made distractions. The idea is that when the physical body is not too active and there are not much distractions to stimulate the mind, it turns inwards into understanding and feeling our own emotions and cognitive behaviour patterns. Most of our modern day life is so full of distractions that we are left with little or no time to really examine our inner self. As a result, we become so unaware of our own emotions and the impact it is having on our physical body.

Once you arrive, our friendly staff will help you settle into your cottage. The next most important appointment for you will be the sitting with our Ayurvedic Doctor for a detailed consultation regarding your health issues, treatments, medicines, etc. Treatments, healthy food diet, yoga sessions, relaxation period during your stay here are the important topics during that consultation. Your first days treatment will be light as the body needs time to settle in to the environmental changes, effects of flying and jet lag or any kinds of travel mode. Ayurveda is very much a gentle push to the body to help and recover itself or get to its optimum balance. It works very much with the speed of your body. Introductions of treatments to the body is done gently and gradually.

Ayurveda Retreat
Heal physically and Spiritually

Following are the key things about us that makes us different from the host of other ayurvedic centers. Deepanjali spans 1.4 acres with plenty of herbal plants, Coconut trees, banana trees, mango trees, various vegetable and flower plants to name a few. This ayurveda center is surrounded by nature and is a habitat for rare local and migrant birds, butterflies and a plethora of tropical flora and fauna along with the people who stays here in in this scenic village for ages.

Well experienced Ayurveda team of Doctors and Therapists and also skillfull and dedicated yoga trainers are some of the best available in Kerala. This holistic retreat is tailored to suit your needs by using ayurvedic treatments, herbal medication, mindfulness practices through yoga and self-meditation. Offering the care and attention you seek and reaping the benefit of time you spend here with us. Additionally we work closely with qualified Pranic healers, Reiki practitioners, Hypno therapists, Astrologers, allowing us to offer you a complete and comprehensive rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. A service standard where nothing is too much in the true sense of Keraala village hospitality, our team of staff are always ready and waiting to please. This offers a level of personalised care, genuine compassion and consideration for wellbeing.

Satvik Food
Nutrition is an important component of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Your meals are prepared with minimal oil and no artificial flavourings. We mostly use organic food products in our pure vegetarian food serving kitchen. It is the time to remind ourselves that whilst we enjoy our meals, we take them primarily to maintain a healthy body. Those of you who are used to more artificially flavoured, fatty, salty or sweet foods might find it a little hard to adjust initially. Give it about three days or so and you will see how your body reacts positively as you feel lighter and healthier.

Daily Schedule
A Journey in to yourself...

We maintain a timetable, which you can use as a rough guide during your stay. Please note that given the relaxed atmosphere we are trying to introduce you into we don’t follow the schedule timings strictly. However, this is a guide to show you approximate timings, which we have found to be useful with guests as our normal life is full of carefully planned days.

In order to keep the tridoshas in a state of healthy equilibrium and digestion & amp; metabolism (agni) in proper order, Ayurveda prescribes specific daily routine – dina (day) &charya (behavior). The various stages to this daily routine, influenced by the specifics of your prakriti, enables you to make the most out of your life are: We maintain a timetable, which you can use as a rough guide during your stay. This is a guide to show you approximate timings, which we have found to be useful with guests as our normal life is full of carefully planned days. However we expect all the guest follow these timings for our smooth and quality based services.

The retreat is a sanctuary to wellness, kindness, mindfulness and nature, so there are few interruptions and interferences to the day and it’s activities. There is little to no disturbance, so you can completely focus on what your body, mind and spirit need to relax and rejuvenate. You will be among the calming greens of fruit trees and bird song by day and accompanied to bed by a sheet of stars and light of fireflies by night.

Guests staying at the resort are free to enjoy all that is on offer at the place and in the local community

The following activities are available in the ayurveda center

  • Ayurvedic Treatments
  • Yoga lessons
  • Self Meditation guided with audio
  • Bird watching
  • Board games
  • Outdoor badminton court
  • Cycles for hire
  • Books for reading
  • Discussions with the resident doctor or Yoga instructor
  • Watching Rice being harvested (during season)
  • Walks in the village
  • Visit to the nearby Temple, Mosque and Church
  • Cultural programs on request
Trips & Tours

If you have not come on a package that includes day trips, we can arrange day trips to local places of interest. These can be organised according to your schedule and request, so you can still see some wonderful places further a field, during your time with us. Most of our trips are either to rather unique cultural or historic sights or charity/conservation based projects. See below for a list of day trips that are popular amongst our guests:

Kochi day trip

This picturesque place is one of the most popular destination in Kerala. We will do round trip in this beautiful city of Kochi and the ancient Dutch palace is a must place to visit. In Jew Town, the atmospheric area around the 1500's Jewish Synagogue, has charming cafes and shops selling antiques, crafts, and spices on Synagogue Lane and Jew Town Road. Former colonial buildings mix with religious ones, including mosques, churches, Hindu shrines, and also the ornate Jain Temple.

Chinese Fishing Nets is a common sight in the backwaters of Kerala. The water covered with these nets at the time of sunset makes a bewitching and pleasant scene to the travelers.

Day with Masters of Kerala Arts

Kerala Kalamandalam has for many decades been regarded as the most prestigious Kathakali school in the entire world. It is the foremost proponent in variety of traditional performing art forms that include Mohiniyattam, Koodiyattam, Thullal and Nangiarkoothu. Guest can watch these masters train their students and also can have inter active session with them.

Waterfalls and Butterfly park

Athirapally is the land of rivers, forest, and great waterfalls and it houses some of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala. The en route to world-renowned Athirappalli Waterfalls is the Thumboormozhi Dam and Hanging Bridge. Tucked in a mystic forest patch this lesser-known wonder is a treasure of Thrissur district. With a dam, butterfly garden, children’s park and hanging bridge- Thumboormozhi has so much to help spice up your holidays.

Holy tour in Thrissur - Temples, churches and mosques

Visits to ancient temples, churches and mosques which will enrich your mind. In Thrissur we have some of the centuries old and religious and spiritual places to visit These pilgrim trip will surely charge up spiritual process in a big way.

Clay Pottery workshop

In this pottery workshop guest can experience the method of making various kinds of pots. You will be guided and the training will be given to make these amazing process of making pots from clay. These Workshops could be between one day up to one week.

Beach time, weaving center and shopping

We do half day trip to the most beautiful golden sand beaches. on the way we will stop to visit the traditional weaving center and can see the whole process of making this hand made cloths. In our way back we will visit the biggest shopping mall, where you can buy the best spices and more.

The backwaters of Thrissur and the fish catchment markets

Visit the famous backwaters and enjoy the cruise in a houseboat. During this half day trip guest can cruise along the canal and can see the village life and watch the beautiful sunset. After the cruise a visit to the nearby lake, where a busy fish market and watch the biggest fish auction in Thrissur.


For sustain Our Ancient Cultural Heritage

Unique opportunity to explore the Hindu culture by one of the most sacred ritual practices, which is pooja. This spiritual practice called pooja is the most important offering in our way of life. By conducting pooja of various nature and dimension there are plenty of benefits. Some of them are to improve the prosperity, better mental and physical health, get rid off the diseases, relationship issues and much more. The stong belief is that by practicing pooja we recieve blessings from all.